About US

The “Associazione Nazionale Imprese Armamento Ferroviario“, established in 1997, includes the most important contractors specialised in the track construction and maintenance.
The main targets of ANIAF are:

  • Safeguard of the moral and material interests of all the members and of the contractors branch which they represent.
  • Unitary representation towards institution or other subjects, of the interests of the associated members for all problems connected to their activities.
  • Diffusion of knowledge and themes connected to the railway track.
  • Co-operation with national institution to promote adequate ideas or modernization of the technical rules
  • To become a member of international organisms which operate in the trackwork constrution and maintenance.

Quality and safety

Our members are contractors, which have more then 50 years of activity, qualified for Railway Trackworks by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana – RFI.

Those are companies capable of carrying out, despite the conditions they find themselves operating, work orders with the most other quality and safety standards.


The ANIAF members have a know-how acquired in over 50 years of activity, a qualified personnel and an important machine fleet which has allowed our contractors, to be certified according to ISO 9000 Quality System.

members' activities

Construction and renovation of tracks

Implementation of new railway connections or modernization and redevelopment of existing ones. Furthermore, the renewal of existing lines is achieved through the total replacement of the sleepers and rails.

Railway and tramway maintenance

The maintenance is done by using specific operating machines in order to fix the local or general track geometry defects detected by the Customer

Electrification and signaling

Design, construction, renovation and maintenance for various electrification systems, in addition to the various technological systems fundamental for the operation and safety of circulation

Multidisciplinary works

Alongside the new construction of lines in the strict sense, there are also the construction of ancillary facilities such as warehouses, shunting stations etc. all functional to the best frangibility of the new connections

Become a member

To associate means to become part of an important reality made up of numerous companies with the same needs and unity of intent for an active comparison aimed at professional growth.