ANIAF in short

The "Associazione Nazionale Imprese Armamento Ferroviario" was established in 1997 and includes the major companies specialized in the construction and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the track.

Our members are companies born over half a century ago and registered in the Register of Qualified Companies of the Italian Railways Network RFI. The activities of these companies are essentially concerned with:

  • Construction and renovation of tracks
  • Railway and tramway maintenance
  • Electrification and signaling
  • Construction of multidisciplinary works (e.g., bridges, viaducts, terraces)

In view of the important traffic on the Italian railway network, our companies are required to operate in particular and extremely difficult conditions:

  • Work to be carried out with extremely short intervals: three hours sometimes reduced for traffic reasons to about two and a half hours
  • Works to be performed at night
  • Restore the railway operation with an operation speed of 80 km/h
  • Provide the work site with concrete sleepers, ballast and other material
  • Ensure surveillance for the protection of the site
  • Work in conditions of extreme safety in compliance with Law Decree 626.

Despite the difficult operating conditions the companies adhering to the ANIAF, have brought in the execution of the work orders: Quality, Safety and full compliance with the expected processing times.

This is made possible thanks to the know-how acquired in over 50 years of activity, to highly specialized workers, and to an important fleet of machines that allowed companies to be certified according to the ISO 9000 quality system.

Institutional offices

Salvatore Margiotta

Sen. Prof. Ing. Salvatore Margiotta


Antonella Bondanini

Antonella Bondanini

General secretary