The "Associazione Nazionale Imprese Armamento Ferroviario", established in 1997, includes the most important contractors specialised in the track construction and maintenance.

The main targets of ANIAF are:

- safeguard of the moral and material interests of all the members and of the contractors branch which they represent

- unitary representation towards institution or other subjects, of the interests of the associated members for all problems connected to their activities

- diffusion of knowledge and themes connected to the railway track

- co-operation with national institution to promote adequate ideas or modernization of the technical rules

- to become a member of international organisms which operate in the trackwork constrution and maintenance.

is charter member of the EFRTC (European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors), which includes the most important European national contractors associations.

The principal targets of the EFRTC articles of association are the following:

- preparation to the modification of the european market, in particular general contractors' tasks for functional tenders of complex large-scale projects

- exchange of information with regard to the European high-speed network

- information on new technologies and systems

- improvement of the standard for execution of work

- improvement of technical competence and security